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  • The TV Is Still On电视机还开着小学英语作文

    The TV Is Still On电视机还开着小学英语作文

    Last Saturday Mr Ma and his wife went out to take a walk. They came back at eight in the evening.When they walked to the front door, Mr Ma said,"Listen, I can hear someone in the living-room.""Yes, you are right," said Mrs Ma. "There are two men there. They are talking." Then they shouted, "Who's there?"But no one answered.Mr Ma opened the door quickly and truned on the light.There was nobody!Then Mr Ma laughed. The TVwas still on. "Oh, I forgot to turn it off."

    上星期六马先生和妻子出去散步,晚上8点才回来。当他们走到门前时,马先生说:“你听散文,我能听到客厅里有人!”“是的,你说得对安全朗诵散文诗,”马太太说安全朗诵散文诗,“那里有两个人,他们在说话。” 然后他们喊到:“谁在那里?”可是没有人回答。马先生迅速地打开门,并把灯打开。没有人!后来马先生笑了,原来电视机还开着呢!“噢安全朗诵散文诗,我忘了关电视了!”

    the 优美散文大全 关于母爱的散文诗 安全朗诵散文诗
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